Bounce back with honour: Riau (Canada) Inc's mission

    Bounce back with honour: Riau (Canada) Inc's mission

    Our mission of helping people “bounce back with honour” is at the heart of Riau (Canada) Inc scented candle enterprise. We are dedicated to hiring persons who are trying to reintegrate into the work place after suffering a personal hardship such as homelessness, and training them and offering a secure, friendly workplace.

    In addition, Riau will donate 35% of its profits towards counselling for reintegration at its partner shelters and organizations, so your purchase has a direct impact on the community.

    The Riau eco-friendly scented candles are hand poured and packaged by the reintegrating employees. They are available in 18 different fragrances, and four different sizes. Made with 100% soy wax, vegan fragrances, cotton wicks, reusable jars and recyclable packaging, all attempts have been to respect the environment!

    It is estimated that about 40,000 persons are homeless and living off the street in Canada daily. News of deaths amongst them have made headlines recently, especially during the winter months and the pandemic. Homeless shelters have been working at full capacity but generally do not have the resources to focus on counselling and reintegration. This is where Riau hopes to help out and make even a small difference!

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